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Coworking Space – Trendsetter Towards Cost-Effective Strategy for Startups

Blog 23 Jan 2023

Coworking spaces are becoming increasingly popular as the world moves towards new work modes. It is a cost-effective option for new ideas to prosper without worrying about facility management.

A flexible workspace provides a great platform for emerging startups, budding entrepreneurs, and even large-scale firms to work efficiently. According to recent global research, 74% of employees feel more productive while working in a shared office.

Before choosing a good coworking space, businesses should make sure they choose the right option for their growth and development. Many options in the market seem good but also deceive firms with hidden charges and unstable execution plans.

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What Should Businesses Know Before Choosing a Coworking Space?

Startups and businesses should understand the following checks when choosing the right shared office space.

  • Cost

    To ensure the amenities and quality of a coworking space, it is important to perform a variety of reality checks before signing up. Many new businesses fall victim to inadequate coworking space plans due to the multiple hidden costs within the inviting document.

    The cost of joining a flexible workspace is a prominent factor that requires complete research to ensure that the business is getting the best value for money. When choosing a good coworking space, always complete a thorough background check to ensure that the membership plan is up to the mark.

    Investment in a high-end institution that offers various services, therapies, fitness, and living space is costly but stable for expansion.

  • Services

    A coworking space makes its impact by providing best-in-class services to its clients that no other competitors offer. Service is directly in relation to the demand in the market.

    When choosing a suitable coworking space for business growth, owners must consider the services of various facility providers. As new offices are popping up all over the place, there is a great chance of getting deceived in terms of quality.

    Here are some important service points to differentiate between a good and a bad coworking facility provider.

  • Amenities

    Amenities are crucial for all desired co-working spaces for maximum productivity. Some basic and required conveniences every coworking space should possess are a proper internet connection, an area for fun activities, and professional staff.

    Some facility providers are more well-equipped than others, and some claim to provide great conveniences while failing to ensure a proper internet connection.

  • Office Community

    Creating a strong office community is one of the greatest perks of joining a coworking space. It enables a business to create its community presence by sharing interests with people who have similar goals and interests.

    Startups and businesses should keep this factor in mind when choosing a coworking space. Choosing a coworking facility provider without a strong office community is a big mistake, especially for startups, as they need to create a prominent presence in the business landscape.

Interesting Coworking Facts
  • Privacy

    Working in a coworking space provides great opportunities for businesses to grow in the market, but sometimes, it becomes a major risk of privacy breaches. When choosing a coworking space, ensure the work environment doesn’t violate business privacy.

    A business, its employees, and the processes that revolve around it are meant to be shared only with trusted people within the company.

    Check for a coworking space that allows complete control over privacy, even if it means paying a bit extra for this perk. Instead of an open-office environment, consider booking a small office that hides important business activities.

  • Professionalism

    Professionalism is a major aspect of every coworking space in the market as they claim to provide a more professional working environment. According to a recent survey, there were almost 16,599 coworking spaces in 2018, but now this number is predicted to reach 41,975 by 2024.

    When booking a coworking space, always consider professionalism, as it can land the business in great trouble. Facilities suppliers mishandled the strategy, which resulted in a bad experience for customers who hired a conference room in a coworking space. A good coworking space serves its clients with responsibilities and professionalism. It ensures a hassle-free experience, while a poor facility provider would frustrate their clients to the core.

  • Security

    Security provides peace of mind and is something that should come with a co-working space. Ensure the following is present when getting an office:

    • Working CCTV cameras covering all or most parts of the office
    • Security Guards
    • 24/7 alarm and security system
    • Proper lighting
    • Safe entrance and exit
    • Safety locks that are not easily breakable

Apart from this, what really matters is how safe the people feel while working inside the office. For example, accessories, including laptops, desktop computers, and other gadgets, are always out in the open.
Is the environment safe and secure from robberies? Are the personal belongings and office equipment safe during weekdays or weekends when the office is closed? All these factors play an important role when signing for a new coworking space.

One other primary safety concern is an entirely secure health environment, especially after the COVID-19 crisis. A good coworking space ensures the maintenance of the work area with sanitizers and air purifiers.

How can Techub Help?

Techub fulfills all the aforementioned signs of a good coworking space. The co working facility is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities that ensure complete control over business operations.

Building a coworking space wasn’t our passion, but building one from the ground up with all the amenities, safety, security, and privacy features was one! We always wanted to ensure that from the moment a new startup or business steps foot inside our offices to the time you leave, you feel safe, secure, and welcome to work in a positive environment.

There may be occasional hiccups. Sometimes the power may go out. But don’t worry; we’ve got your back with backup generators. At Techub, it is all about the perks of working at your personal office, minus all the hassles.

For further queries or information, feel free to contact us.


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