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Coworking Spaces – The Secret to Fight Climate Change

Coworking 06 Dec 2022 12 Views

Rising sea levels, forest fires, and changing weather patterns are making headlines. The alarming signs of global warming need everyone to make an effort in order to reduce their carbon footprint and make this planet a place to survive. This is exactly when the concept of coworking spaces comes in. Coworking spaces play a major role in bridging the gap between ecological and economic aspects of working. Let’s dig deeper into the blog to understand how coworking spaces are a promise to a green and sustainable environment. 

What are Coworking Spaces?

Coworking is the arrangement in which individuals from different companies and teams come together and share an Private office space. Personnel share services, facilities, and tools in the coworking space, which not only reduces their overhead but also lowers the carbon footprint, making this planet a greener and healthier place to live. 

The concept of ‘green workstations’ has become a new norm these days. In these tough times when climate change is a great threat, coworking spaces come as a ray of hope in the dark night.

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How Coworking Spaces Can Help Fight Climate Change

The way people work is changing as a result of coworking and shared office workspaces. Coworking groups and workspace companies are coming up with novel and inventive solutions to lessen the overall carbon footprint in addition to sharing space, concepts, and resources.

Let’s look at how coworking businesses are lessening their environmental effect.

1. Shared Use of Resources

Every office requires air conditioning in addition to a few standard devices like a copier, scanner, printer, refrigerator, kettle, and coffee maker. These assets must be replaced after a predetermined timespan, which makes them expensive to purchase.

Printers might need to be changed after three to five years, although office copiers typically have a lifespan of about three years. If equipment becomes outdated as technology advances, the business may have to replace it sooner.

Everyone in a coworking space shares a printer, copier, etc., instead of each company purchasing these devices separately for their workplaces. This not only saves money but also means fewer pieces of equipment are added to the landfill (reducing the carbon footprint).

2. Efficient Commute

One of the main sources of air pollution is private transportation. According to the CO2 Census, vehicles are responsible for even more than 28% of all air pollution. Therefore, the fewer vehicles on the road, the greater the chances of preventing climate change.

Coworking spaces unquestionably benefit the situation. People who come to the same location from different companies might carpool to use the same transportation method. Better yet, they can forgo driving completely and travel to their destination using a bus or metro. The majority of coworking spaces are constructed near these amenities as opposed to typical office buildings, which are frequently found in car-dependent suburban locations.

3. Energy Efficiency

Partially air-conditioning a workplace and expecting workers to be productive in an area that is somewhat dark is impossible. In a start-up, there may occasionally be only 1 or 2 employees present; however, every lamp, fan, and air conditioner must be operating at maximum capacity. This is neither economical nor environmentally friendly.

Working from home is also not sustainable because it exponentially increases energy consumption. An office space, in contrast, has many individuals working there and is considerably more energy-efficient.

4. Lower Need for Plastics

Budget is a major barrier to office setup for many startups. Many office spaces find it difficult to afford a tea and coffee station. The majority of the time, employees would rather pay a “chai walla” to deliver coffee or tea once or twice daily. Typically, this tea is delivered in disposable plastic cups.

Coworking spaces, on the other hand, include fully furnished kitchenettes with coffee and tea makers. Employees are allowed to bring their cups and use them to have tea. It’s an easy way to reduce the use of plastic. To further decrease their carbon footprint, several coworking spaces are attempting to separate their trash into recyclable and non-recyclable trash.

5. Minimized Waste Generation

Less waste is produced when materials are used more effectively. Traditional offices generate garbage from a variety of sources, including stationery and outdated technologies. A dangerous by-product of such areas is the presence of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), which frequently find their way to fairly large dumping grounds. Even the formal attire that needs to be dry cleaned once a week wastes resources because one could be using that water for something more important.

Coworking space lahore, in contrast, generate less waste. Due to greater employee dispersion over a large area, there are fewer trash cans. Fewer papers and stationery are used because most communication at work takes place online. The region can be retrofitted with fewer, more durable lighting systems that won’t need to be replaced for many years. Another benefit of a casual clothing code is that doing laundry uses less water and energy.

TecHub is Another Name for Sustainability

The need for more ecological workplaces is not really essential but also imperative, given the consequences of climate change on the global level. Many businesses must reevaluate the layout of their offices if they want to welcome back their staff and reduce their environmental effect. Thus, coworking spaces offer a similarly welcoming and stress-free environment that also supports maintaining employees’ productivity. Not only this, but a shared office space offers environmental advantages as it aids in the fight against global warming.

To provide a secure and healthy working environment for companies, independent contractors, and business owners from all walks of life, we at TecHub develop and implement biophilic design concepts through our shared office space in Lahore.  So, what are you waiting for?

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