TecHub x foodpanda Shaping a Tastier, More Convenient Tomorrow

TecHub x Foodpanda: Shaping a Tastier & Convenient Tomorrow

Press Release 13 Mar 2024 54 Views

TecHub, a leading coworking space, and foodpanda, the biggest online food delivery company announced a strategic partnership to drive foodie innovation.

This partnership was formalized on 2nd February 2024, when Rehan Zafar Head of Business and Marketing at TecHub signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Abu Bakar Siddiqi, Head of Enterprise at foodpanda.

This collaboration has exciting opportunities for both the company’s TecHub Coworking and foodpanda. TecHub will leverage foodpanda’s expansive network and resources to provide its community members with valuable advantages, which include:

  • Discounted access to pandapro subscription: TecHub community members will enjoy special discounts on pandapro subscriptions [your token to savoriness and convenience. With this premium subscription, you’ll unlock; Infinite free deliveries, Priority service, Premium discounts, and deals], ensuring nicety and fueling productivity.
  • Networking events: The collaboration will encourage co-organized events focused on industry trends, innovation, and growth opportunities for startups and businesses.

TecHub x foodpanda Shaping a Tastier, More Convenient Tomorrow


We are thrilled to partner with foodpanda,” said Head of Business and Marketing at TecHub, Rehan ZafarThis partnership will empower startups with the connections they need to grow. We can facilitate a dynamic ecosystem in Pakistan by combining TecHub’s resources with foodpanda’s industry expertise.”

Abu Bakar Siddiqi, Head of Enterprise at foodpanda, echoed this sentiment: “Collaborating with TecHub allows us to connect with talented individuals and startups from different platforms, promoting a vigorous community of innovation. We believe this partnership will create a win-win situation for both groups, driving growth and progress”

This strategic partnership between TecHub and foodpanda represents an important step towards building a supportive and empowering surrounding for Pakistan.

Through collaborative efforts, they aim to fuel innovation, create new opportunities, and propel the country’s tech landscape to even greater heights.

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