TecHub Celebrated its Second Anniversary

TecHub Celebrates its Second Anniversary of Providing Modernity and Sustainability to Businesses

Press Release 30 Jan 2022 8 Views

Pakistan’s fastest-growing collaborative workspace, TecHub, which provides businesses, entrepreneurs, startups and freelancers with an advanced and innovative space to work, learn, grow, interact and collaborate, is celebrating its second anniversary this month. The company has elevated dozens of clients by creating new work experiences and innovating the coworking trends in Pakistan.

TecHub was established in 2020 as Lahore observed a steady emergence of co-working offices that aim to bring together freelancers, entrepreneurs, remote workers and independent professionals under one roof, with access to a fully-equipped space. A community of more than 1000 people, TecHub is currently based at eight different locations in Lahore and is aiming to open more offices across Pakistan due to increased demand from clients.

TecHub was founded to provide entrepreneurs, startups and established businesses the right balance between work and relaxation. Achieving this balance increases productivity and helps businesses of every size excel at an exponential level. Whether they choose a private cabin, dedicated desk, or customised office, TecHub makes sure to provide its clients with an environment that cultivates community building to nurture healthy business growth.

Speaking of the philosophy behind the company, Maimoona Majid, Managing Director of TecHub, said, Casualisation of shared spaces and careers, professional loneliness and isolation, and a need for greater flexibility in work environments has given rise to coworking trends in the country, Lahore being the centre for this new style of working.” She further added that, “we are working tirelessly to create a coworking space where companies can get state-of-the-art secure, safe, and efficient facility management services to scale their business.

TecHub has a particular focus on playing a crucial part in both supporting and collaborating with young entrepreneurs to accelerate the burgeoning startup ecosystem in the country. The company goes beyond just a seat and a desk. With productive spaces and an ecosystem of entrepreneurs and partners, TecHub has facilitated its clients to integrate and establish themselves in the Pakistani business market.

The personalized and flexible coworking space, TecHub, has helped businesses scale their team. By offering fully dedicated facility management services at all of its locations, the company provide a chance for businesses to keep their expenses low. The facility management team at TecHub takes care of all end-to-end daily errands like housekeeping, security, high-speed internet, IT Support, power backup, food & beverages, & so on.

What started off with a single office with a team of just a few people has now come a long way, with 8 offices serving dozens of clients. The personalized and configurable services offered by the company have empowered freelancers, startups and well-established businesses to grow. TecHub has helped businesses like Market Pro, Developers Studio, Bookkeeping Bpro and many others to network and build a community of like-minded people. In the long run, the company is deeply committed to innovating in the coworking space and facilitating businesses with top-notch services to help them grow in their respective industry.

About TecHub

TecHub is one of the largest coworking spaces in Pakistan, having a community of more than 1000 people and serving dozens of clients in a wide range of industries. Focused on innovating the coworking trends in Pakistan, the company has opened 8 different offices in the prime locations of Lahore to meet its clients’ needs. Pakistan’s fastest-growing collaborative workspace with a community and ecosystem network at its core, TecHub, is aimed to build a space that delivers a support group and build a network of like-minded people for a community of creatives, techies and otherwise.

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